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5 Most Impressive Community Features

  • June 16, 2015

A beautiful home is a beautiful home, but it can be surprising how much the quality and feel of the neighborhood can contribute to the impression your home makes – and your day-to-day experience living in a particular location. At Hidden Pond Estates, our newest luxury development in Monroe Township, we have taken special care in thinking about the community as a whole. Here are 5 of our most impressive community features:

  1. Estate-sized lots – All lots in Hidden Pond range from 2/3 acre to 1 and 1/2 acres. That’s a lot of space to grow and add your own touches to suit your family’s lifestyle.
  2. Brick and Stone Facades – Every new home in this community will have a beautiful façade of brick or stone, as well as limestone or brick front steps.
  3. Luxury on all sides – All of the homes in Hidden Pond Estates features a side-entry garage on one side and a side conservatory on the opposite side. Combined, they give each home a grand presence and curb appeal that owners can be proud of and guests will envy.
  4. Tree-Lined Streets and Preserved Forest – Many new homes, especially ones developed on former farms as are many in Monroe,offer only newly-planted saplings in the front yard. At Hidden Pond, not only are there tree-lined streets but many of the lots are bordered by a preserved forest of mature trees for a lovely natural element that sets Hidden Pond apart.
  5. Sidewalks on Both Sides of the Street ­– It might seem like a small detail, but sidewalks on both sides of the street create visual balance in the streetscape throughout the neighborhood and are also practical, safe and extra convenient for leisurely walks.

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