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3 Myths About New Construction

  • June 8, 2015

Congratulations! You’re ready to buy a new home. Now that you’ve started the process of searching for a place your family can grow into, it seems like everyone has an opinion about new construction versus purchasing an existing home. While each has its own benefits, we wanted to help dispel some common myths about new construction.

MYTH: New homes are more expensive.

BUSTED: Many buyers severely underestimate the cost of replacing dated or undesirable features in existing homes like cabinets, flooring, and fixtures. It’s not just the cost of the materials, it’s the disruption to your lifestyle, the inconvenience, the constractor selection, the permits, the delays, and the other intangibles that add to the cost of updating ro customizing an existing home. New homes offer the unique opportunity to move into a home with the finishes you chose. Often, you can get much more luxury for your money with new construction. Additionally, with a reputable builder, you will know your new home is well-designed, which means if you’re sticking to a certain budget, you won’t have any surprise costs – like needing a new roof on a 20-year-old home.

MYTH: New homes have no charm.

BUSTED: For most people familiar with real estate hyperbole, “charm” is often a euphemism for “old” which can mean cramped rooms, little natural light, and low ceilings. High-end new construction has more elegant charm and more special features than most pre-owned homes, especially if you work with a luxury homebuilder. For example, our luxurious models at Hidden Pond have many impressive features, including sensational entry foyers with classic hardwood flooring, 9-foot tall ceilings throughout the first floor, oversized base molding, spacious side conservatories awash in natural light, and wood-burning fireplaces. And that’s just the interior!

MYTH: You know what you’re getting with an old home.

BUSTED: Sure, you can tour existing homes, do walkthroughs and have inspections, but you’ll never quite know what you’ve purchased – and in what condition – until you find surprise termite damage, a leaking roof, a furnace that fails the week you move in, or other typical issues like increasing energy bills that can creep up as homes age.   New construction may seem like more of a leap of faith – but it doesn’t have to be. Most new communities have a model you can tour, and you can view detailed drawings of your specific new home. With new construction, you’ll feel comfortable creating the home of your dreams.

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