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Winterize your home

Winterizing Your Home

  • November 2, 2014

With the holiday season now in full swing, homeowners everywhere can be found decking their halls with seasonal decor, pulling cherished decorations from closets and attics, and warming up their homes to soon host loved ones. With the first day of winter quickly approaching on December 22nd, we invite homeowners to use the following quick winter checklist to make sure your home is buttoned up tight and ready for the cold.

  • Trim all tree branches that hang too close to / over your home.
  • Drain and store garden hoses to avoid winter freeze.
  • Check and clean the leaves from your gutters to avoid clogged drains.
  • Check all smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, and replace the batteries if they’re over a year old, since the winter sparks an increase in furnace / boiler usage.
  • Stock up on non-perishable food, bottled water, flashlights, batteries and candles in case of storm-induced power outages.
  • Check, prepare and gather the outdoor, cold-weather equipment you’ll need, including snow blowers and shovels, as well as sand or rock salt to melt ice.
  • Prepare your central air conditioning condenser for the coming cold by draining any attached pipes or hoses, emptying the drain pan and covering the unit to prevent freezing and rusting and to extend the system’s life.
  • Regularly check your furnace filter throughout the winter to keep the system working efficiently and to prevent any build-up from blocking air flow.
  • Check to make sure you haven’t piled up any flammable items near your furnace, since you’ll soon be firing it up to combat the cold.
  • Check your gas fireplace before firing it up to make sure the vents are clean and unobstructed.
  • When your fireplace isn’t in use, be sure to close the damper to prevent the cold air from coming in.
  • Pull extra blankets and outerwear out of storage so they’re easy to find when you need them.
  • Open your blinds and curtains during the day to let in the sunlight’s natural heat and cut down on energy costs (see our last post for more energy-saving tips).

With a sense of preparedness, you’ll be ready to sleep in on those snow days and enjoy a winter of white. Or perhaps regardless, you’ll still be crossing your fingers and hoping the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow. Either way, you’ll take comfort in knowing that your home is bundled up tightly.

Robert Adinolfi is the Chief Operations Officer of Renaissance Properties, a New Jersey centered, multi-faceted luxury residential and commercial real estate development firm. For more information about Renaissance Properties, please visit or find them on Facebook at

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